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Get the results of a data insert

In the last step we inserted some data, and got back a Location URL, and a task ID. This URL or task ID is used to get the results of your data being added permanently into the blockchain.

Data Insert Results Method/Url

This is the URL that was received in the “Location” header returned on the insert.


Data Payload Insert Results Response

    "LTaskId": "2ae51b59-698e-4112-affc-1b0bab5ff1e5",
    "ReponseCode": 200,
    "Content": ["data::txid"]

If the data payload has been added into the chain, your response will contain the task ID, a response code, and your data and the Lynx Transaction ID in the “Content” field seperated by “::”.

A 404 – Not Found HTTP response code is returned until the record is available. If you get a 404, the network may be busy, just wait, and retry the request.

This TXID is the public transaction ID where your data was permanently stored, and will be available to view on public block chain explorers as soon as they have it indexed.

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