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Get the results of a data retrieve

In the last step we asked to retrieve some data, and got back a Location URL, and a task ID. This URL or task ID is used to get the results of your data being retrieved from the blockchain.

Data Retrieve Results Method/Url

This is the URL that was received in the “Location” header returned on the insert.


Data Payload Insert Results Response

    "LTaskId": "2ae51b59-698e-4112-affc-1b0bab5ff1e5",
    "ReponseCode": 200,
    "Content": "[data]"

If the data payload has been retrieved from the chain, your response will contain the task ID, a response code, and your data “Content” field.

A 404 – Not Found HTTP response code is returned until the record is available. If you get a 404, the network may be busy, just wait, and retry the request.

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