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Insert a ‘data’ payload into the blockchain

Logware’s API has a dedicated endpoint for inserting (up to) 1 kilobyte data payloads into the blockchain.

1 Kilobyte Data Insert Method/Url




“env” is the current environment, allowed values are “test” and “prod”. “test” uses the TestNet chain, “prod” uses the live Lynx ‘mainnet’ chain. Accounts must have additional authorization to use the production/live network.

Data Insert Response

201 - HTTP "Created"

The API’s HTTP response code will be “201” for “created” if the insert request is successful. A “Location” header is included in the response that points to the result for this insert. This URL includes a disposable task ID used to find the results of the insert. This task ID is also included in the response body.

The Task ID is NOT the Transaction ID where your data is saved into the block chain, that operation may take a moment, think of the task ID like a ticket you’ll use to pick your actual block chain TXID up with later.

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