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Retrieve a ‘data’ payload from the blockchain

Logware’s API has a dedicated endpoint for retrieving data payloads that were inserted into the blockchain.

Data Retrieve Method/Url



    "txid":"[the transaction id for the tx that contains the data]"

“env” is the current environment, allowed values are “test” and “prod”. “test” uses the TestNet chain, “prod” uses the live Lynx ‘mainnet’ chain. Accounts must have additional authorization to use the production/live network.

Data Retrieve Response

201 - HTTP "Created"

The API’s HTTP response code will be “201” for “created” if the retrieve request is successful. A “Location” header is included in the response that points to the result for this retrieve. This URL includes a disposable task ID used to find the results of the retrieve. This task ID is also included in the response body.

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