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Which blockchain platform does Logware store its data?

Logware is a commercial application built on top of the open source Lynx Project. The development team that maintains the Lynx Project is the same development team that created and maintains the Logware project. The positive benefit of this arrangement is to ensure that no change occurs to the Lynx Project that might negatively impact the Logware Blockchain As A Service platform. While Lynx is a public, open source project, the Logware team controls the change management so it always falls in line with the interests of Logware and it’s customers.

Lynx Project Logo

The second reason that the Lynx Project is used is due to it’s eco-friendly, low costs infrastructure. The Lynx Blockchain has a very small energy requirement to sustain itself. It is a natural choice for a Blockchain As A Service business due to it’s long term sustainable design and low volatility public coin price.